Project Details

Restoration Problem:
Water Heater Leak

Restoration Solution:
Structural Drying

Service Category: Water Damage Restoration

Category Loss: 3

Service Type: Residential

Service Location: Uptown Chicago

Area of Service: 60613, 60640

Urgency to Request Restoration Services

Prompt action is crucial when it comes to addressing leaks, as delaying can have serious consequences. Not only can leaks lead to health hazards like mold growth and respiratory issues, but they can also cause significant structural damage to your home.

By reporting leaks promptly, our water damage restoration company can help mitigate health risks and safeguard the well-being of your home or business.

Category 1

Clean Water

  • Not contaminated
  • No immediate health risks
  • Can turn to Category 2 if left untreated due to bacterial growth
  • Sources: broken water supply line or an overflowing sink

Category 2

Grey Water

  • Contains significant levels of contaminants
  • Causes discomfort or illness if ingested or exposed to the skin
  • Sources: dishwasher or washing machine overflows, toilet overflows with urine (no feces), and sump pump failures

Category 3

Black Water

  • Most dangerous and contaminated
  • Can cause severe illness or death if ingested or exposed to the skin
  • Sources: sewage backups, flooding from rivers or seawater, toilet overflows containing feces

Our Water Damage Restoration Company in Chicago IL

We got a call from a worried customer who told us about water damage and black mold in this unit. They said they saw water leaking from the ceiling, which caused black mold to grow in different places.

They emphasized the urgent need to address the issue, not only to prevent further damage but to ensure a safe and secure living environment.

Leak from Water Heater Requires Emergency Services

Our team conducted a thorough inspection, earning the trust of the owner and the tenant after claiming a complete unit redo was necessary. It was discovered the leak was initially classified as a Category 1 loss, but due to prolonged exposure, it escalated to a Category 3 loss. The upstairs unit’s water heater malfunctioned, causing extensive flooding in the garden unit.

Addressing this Category 3 loss became our team’s top priority due to the potential health risks posed by “black water,” which can lead to severe illness or even death. Rest assured, our water restoration company took action to resolve this matter!

Need Immediate Assistance: Check out our Water Damage Restoration Services to learn more about how we can help you!

Performing the Restoration Service and Property Restored

We efficiently managed all areas of work, ensuring minimal disruption to the customer’s bedroom. With expertise, we began our water removal process by skillfully removing drywall in the bathrooms and hallway, using air scrubbers, dehumidifiers, and proper ventilation to the structural framing.

Thorough water removal and mold remediation were carried out, resulting in a prompt drying process within just 4 days. Our customer expressed great satisfaction with our quality of effective solutions, allowing them to quickly return to their space with minimal damage.

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