Project Details

Restoration Problem:
Water Damage

Restoration Solution:
Structural Drying

Service Category: Water Damage Restoration

Category Loss: 2

Service Type: Residential

Service Location: Ravenswood Gardens Chicago

Area of Service: 60625

Ravenswood Gardens Homeowners In Need of Immediate Water Meditation

One evening, a homeowner in Ravenswood Gardens discovered signs of water damage in various areas of their residence. Concerned about potential health risks for their family, they confirmed there was no active leak and understood the urgency of contacting a restoration company. The customer was aware that they required the expertise of Rescue Restoration for their water remediation needs.

At Rescue Restoration, our professionals are experienced in dealing with water damage and mold remediation. Upon receiving the call, we promptly dispatched our team to the residence. Our technicians always arrive at the scene with fully equipped trucks, ensuring that we have all the necessary tools and resources to address any water mitigation services required.

Category 1

Clean Water

  • Not contaminated
  • No immediate health risks
  • Can turn to Category 2 if left untreated due to bacterial growth
  • Sources: broken water supply line or an overflowing sink

Category 2

Grey Water

  • Contains significant levels of contaminants
  • Causes discomfort or illness if ingested or exposed to the skin
  • Sources: dishwasher or washing machine overflows, toilet overflows with urine (no feces), and sump pump failures

Category 3

Black Water

  • Most dangerous and contaminated
  • Can cause severe illness or death if ingested or exposed to the skin
  • Sources: sewage backups, flooding from rivers or seawater, toilet overflows containing feces

Emergency Call In Ravenswood Gardens Chicago IL

Upon arriving at the residence, our technicians were met with an anxious family deeply concerned about potential health risks stemming from the presence of water moisture within their home.

With one of the homeowners being pregnant and nearing her due date, they were particularly cautious about any possible health complications resulting from possible mold growth. Our skilled professionals arrived promptly and quickly began assessing the scope and severity of the damage.

Rescue Restoration Diagnosis

Following our thorough inspection, our team identified the presence of water damage throughout the home. Water moisture was detected in the drywall, baseboards, and even the crown molding.

We provided the homeowners with a comprehensive breakdown of the issues found and the estimated cost of repairs. Upon receiving this information, the homeowners swiftly approved to commence the necessary repairs and remove all traces of water damage from their residence.

Need Immediate Assistance: Check out our Water Damage Restoration Services to learn more about how we can help you!

Water Damage Restoration Services

Our team successfully maintained complete containment of all the affected areas, allowing the family to reside in their home throughout the repair process. A thorough containment system was established in the entrance hallway, ensuring that the rest of the house remained uncontaminated. Additionally, we carefully removed baseboards, crown molding, and drywall as part of the restoration process.

Within 5 days, we efficiently utilized dehumidifiers to dry out the affected areas. Furthermore, we took proactive measures to disinfect the basement, guaranteeing the elimination of any bacteria or mold. The customer expressed utmost satisfaction with our services, particularly grateful that all work was completed before the arrival of her baby. We are ready to handle your water damage restoration today, give us a call for a free estimate at (872)588-9997!

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